The coolest offices in the UK

Across the UK, there are some pretty cool offices which we will be showing you here on Bridging Loan Hub. Offices don’t have to be a boring, grey and corporate place. In fact, having a cool office can help to boost creativity and productivity in the team.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it! have converted a castle in their office block. It features a cinema, a library and chill-out zones. Check it out in the video below.

Electronic Arts (EA)


EA’s Head Quarters are based in Guilford and hosts undoubtedly one of the coolest meeting rooms in any office building in the UK.


Google’s London office is one of the most creative professional spots in the UK. They offer free snacks all day long, indoor gardens and a huge games room. They also recently installed a giant slide!

Mint Candy


SEO and PPC Digital Agency Mint Candy have a pretty cool theme running through their office. They have astroturf on the ground, the offices are treehouses and there are bubblegum dispensers dotted around the building.


AO’s office in Bolton features a number of themed rooms, including a LEGO-themed room and a Football themed room.  They also offer on-site, nail & hair salons, massage rooms and free breakfasts. Workers can book the spa during contractual hours as management believes that personal time should be used for friends and family.

Red Bull UK


Located in Englands capital, Red Bull have recently designed their Soho offices which has a beautiful rooftop terrace. More excitingly than that, it has a slide from one floor to the next! When Red Bull can’t give you wing, they give you a slide.