Clever Ways to Increase the Storage in Your Home

Most of us struggle to find places to store all of our belongings and valued possessions in our houses. Modern living usually equates to having an excess of clothing, books, DVDs, cooking tools, dinner sets and so on. Many of us have no quieres in expanding our wardrobes more than ever before, seem to acquire lots of paperwork and we may even collect objects and trinkets excessively. The Guardian explains that one of the things that turns potential buyers off is clutter when viewing a house.

It is therefore safe to say that the majority of us would benefit from having more available space in our homes for the purpose of storage. If you want to avoid picking up and moving house all together, there are plenty of things that you can do to maximise the storage space in your existing home. We have put together some long and short term options to help you keep your home spick and span, and decluttered.

Space saving furniture

If you want to save space, but do not want to have to do any building in order to do so, space-saving furniture is a great option. Some furniture pieces can be built in, but will take no effort at all whilst others can be placed wherever you want and can be moved around.

Storage Chest



A storage chest is an attractive and sophisticated option. It is a stand alone piece of furniture that does not require you to do any building or fitting. A storage chest is perfect for storing things like spare bedding, blankets or crockery. You can place one in any room of the house, meaning that you could have one in your bedroom for bedding, one in your living room for blankets and one in the kitchen for crockery, for example. A great tip for you is that storage chests are often the types of things you will see at an auction – you may be able to get one for a very good price.

A Mudroom Bench


It is common in most homes that the most cluttered area of the house is the hallway. It is usually where we store our shoes, coats, bags, umbrellas and so on, which often get left spread across the floor and by the front door. If you are relating to this image, something like a mudroom bench would be sure to serve you well and become your life saver!

What a mudroom bench is is a built-in bench that features flip-top storage, as well as plenty of hooks and shelves for your coats, bags and whatever else you find is cluttering up your hallway. Since it is a bench, it is also a great spot to take your shoes off when you come inside the house. They look very stylish and most importantly, will protect your hallway from clutter and wear and tear.

A Built in Wardrobe


Doing something as simple as discarding of your standing wardrobe and upgrading to a built-in-wardrobe could a save you more space than you may believe possible. The ultimate way of maximising space in your bedroom is to get a custom built-in-wardrobe which is the length of the wall. Since it does not stick out like a standing wardrobe, you have added inches on your bedroom as well as adding a bigger storage space in.

If you opt for mirror door, your wardrobe could double up as your sole full length mirror, meaning you can get rid of a standing mirror in your bedroom altogether or find somewhere else in the house for it to live.

Having a built in wardrobe gives you the option to customise it to fulfil all your wardrobe needs. You can have a shoe rack made for it, add in some hooks for bags and accessories, a variety of clothing rails for different purposes. For example, you could have one clothes rail above another for organisation of tops and bottoms, rails which separate your clothes from a partners, and even a formal dress or suit rail which is high enough that your long clothes will not trail on the floor and get creased at the bottom as a result.

Depending on whether or not you are willing to lose some floor space, you could have a walk-in wardrobe created for you. These are very useful for organisation and storage friendly.

TV-unit on the wall


If you find that your standing TV unit is bulky and taking up too much space, consider a wall-hanging TV unit to maximise floor space. You can have your TV and TV unit both hanging on the wall in a neat fashion, so it not only looks great, but acts as storage for DVDs and cables without being in the way.

Having a TV unit on the wall which has shutters over the front can be great for families with children by creating a physical barrier, indicating to the children when it is time for TV and when it is not.

Storage Beds

You more commonly see storage beds for kids, but they are also available for adults too.

In terms of kids beds, a storage bed may just be the answer to all your prayers. Children’s rooms tend be to cluttered with toys, books, games etc and it can seem like the mess appears all across the house. Because of this, you are left picking up after your children but having limited space to store their belongings.

Storage beds have built in cupboards and draws and are elevated off the ground to give extra room underneath the bed, either for another bed – perfect for kids who share a room, or for a desk, a shelving area or toy storage.

For adults, double loft beds may be a great idea for you if you have limited space in your bedroom, but still require desk space. Loft beds are perfect for those who work from home as they provide a desk space, so if you do not have a home office this may be a great option.



Storage can be very useful, especially if you are using your bridging finance lender to fund any renovations or refurbishments. Anything that can add value to a property will ultimately help your bottom line. You need to show potential buyers or tenants that there is value in the place you have built together. Plus, good storage can put all their items tucked away somewhere and make the place seem even bigger than it really is.