How to Block out Noisy Neighbours

It’s summertime and you want to enjoy the outdoors by sitting out in the sunshine in your own garden. Sounds like bliss. That is until the noisy neighbours have the same idea but instead of reading a book with an iced tea – they want to cause havoc next door.

If you feel like you’re not alone in your own back garden, then this guide is for you. For those living in London or any city for that matter, it is appreciated that privacy is not the easiest thing to achieve with many houses being overlooked by neighbours, but there are a few hacks which might help you out a lot. Although you cannot sound proof your garden, there are still things which can be done.

You may find that even relaxing inside your own home can be a task with the neighbours shouting, running around or blasting music next door. There are also ways in which you can block out your noisy neighbours internally.

If it simply gets too much, you should report your noisy neighbours to the council to try and get it resolved. However, try and speak to them before this to make them aware that the noise is bothering you – they may be clueless about it and agree to keep it down. Problem solved! Until then, we have some ideas for you.

For the Garden

Plant Trees


Where possible make use of nature’s umbrellas and plant trees. Not only will the large branches and leaves act as a means of visual privacy, they will help to block out some of the noise which is coming from the surrounding gardens.

Build a summer house


 This may not be ideal if you are on a budget, but creating a little space to get away from the noise but still enjoy the peaceful outdoors could be your ticket to paradise this summer. With a summer house, you can insulate the inside with wool loft insulation or sheets of polystyrene which are sandwiched behind plywood walls. You could also cut the costs and simply hang up think fabric drapes. This insulation will also mean that you can enjoy your outside-inside space in the winter months as it won’t let the heat escape in the cold and will keep the place cool in the summer.

Water features  


Having running water features in your garden can work wonders. In themselves, they create a peaceful atmosphere and can act as a distraction away from any noise coming from the neighbours or even the roads around your house.

For the House

Ceiling clouds and acoustic fixtures


Ceiling clouds are acoustic panels which hang from the ceiling with the purpose of reducing noise and echoes. Before installing these, if you are renting, check that it is okay with your landlord since they need to be securely mounted on the ceiling.

Seal the windows and doors


Simply keeping your windows and doors closed isn’t going to be a cure for your noisy neighbour problem.

Make sure your window casings and frames are fully sealed as even the smallest gap can make such a difference to what you hear from your neighbours or the road. If you do not have the money or the permission from the landlord to do this, you can opt for hanging heavy curtains which will help to muffle out the sound.

As for the doors, you will be surprised how much noise can seep through the cracks. Invest in an inexpensive draft excluder which can act as a noise barrier.

Hang wall art and tapestries  


Adding things to your walls can be a way to lessen the noise. Since wall hangings, canvas wall art and tapestries are porous, they can actually absorb sound which penetrates through the wall.

Looking to move house?

If you are thinking of moving to a new house because noise is just simply a fact rather than something which could be avoided and want to move quickly, you should look into a bridging loan. Essentially, a bridging loan helps you complete on a property when there is not enough time to going through the mortgage process. Like the name suggest, a bridging loan “bridges the gap” making it possible for you to purchase the property without losing out on it due to having to wait on a mortgae to be cleared.