Additional Exterior Property Features

A driveway, garage front garden, porch and various other ‘additional’ features can drastically change the look and practicality of your house. In addition, some of these features are bound to add some further value to your home and will increase ‘kerb appeal.’ For example, a property owner looking to sell their property in order to up size may wish to increase their property’s value with fairly minimal investment prior to seeking out a prospective bridging loan. In such cases, they may look to add a porch or other inexpensive property feature.

A Driveway

There are many benefits to having a driveway, the main one being you have a place to park your car. Parking your car outside you house can be a nightmare. With streets being public property, your usual space may not be free when you get home and you may have to park further away from your house. Furthermore, in some cases, parking your car on the street outside your home could be an obstruction with large vehicles unable to get through and this is especially dangerous if an ambulance, police vehicle or fire engine needs to come down the street.

A further benefit of having a driveway applies to those that utilise taxis and travel a lot. If you need to bring luggage and other potentially heavy items out to a car, say your airport taxi that is taking to your departure location, having the taxi parked a few doors down can make an inconvenient difference that would be avoided with a decent driveway.

Houses that are built on slopes will benefit from a driveway that can be angled so rainwater runs off in a direction away from the property. From the driveway, consider having an adjoining pathway. A driveway and pathway also means that people entering the home are not walking through mud or dirt that will end up being brought into the property.

A Garage

Like having a driveway, a garage offers a space for you to keep a vehicle, while offering extra security. Some people prefer to use their driveway on an everyday basis, but enjoy having the locked security of a garage for when they are away from home for a long period of time without their car (i.e. on holiday).

A Garage also provides a lot of extra storage space. Consider converting your garage for maximum space efficiency. Converting your garage will not only provide additional storage, it will also mean you can have additional living space for your home. For kerb appeal, the exterior appearance of your house will also be altered, potentially adding value to it. However, the desired additional value may not be fully realised if you do not have a parking space or driveway. As long as you still have an outside parking space provided, your properties value will increase, as a lack of parking can devalue a property.

Front garden

A front garden is a great way of bringing life to exterior of your property, as well as all of the surrounding environment. A major benefit of a front garden is that they look great without much maintenance needed to upkeep it, as they are usually much smaller in space then a back garden.


Adding a porch emphasises the character of your home and also has great potential storage qualities. It is worth considering building a porch on to a house which does not have a hallway, but rather opens up straight into a living area. This gives people an area to clean their shoes before they walk in etc. A porch also acts as a shelter from bad weather for those who are coming to your home, whilst they are technically still standing outside.