Is the rental market slowing down?

Understanding where the market is in terms of rent prices is very important for your development project. If you are looking to renovate a property through construction finance or similar and a sell it for a higher value, no problem. If the market is strong, your property will maintain...

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New Scheme Launched in Shoreditch

The Izaki Group are pleased to announce the launch of a new property scheme in Shoreditch, East London. The scheme consisting of 119 luxury loft-style apartments will be opening in Spring 2018 and has been developed by  Long and Waterson, a company that has taken its name from the site’s...

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Ealing uses shipping containers to help housing crisis

With more than 250,000 homeless in the UK and the housing crisis always a pressing issue for the Mayor of London, one council has taken measures into its own hands to solve the crisis. The answer? Modular Housing. The Ealing Council has erected a number of shipping containers to...

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