How to Make your Home More Energy Efficient

Imagine now that you have got the bridging finance you were looking for and starting to renovate and refurb a new property. It is important to know how to make it as energy efficient as possible because it pays to be green. You can save money on your monthly...

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Money Saving Tips for First-Time Home Owners

Saving on Your Mortgage Do your research when it comes to finding a mortgage provider. As a first-step, make sure you check your credit score. If lenders see you as a risk, they will charge you more to account for that risk. Look into getting your credit ratings up...

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Basset & Gold vs Other Alternative Property Investments

Property backed investments are fast becoming a strong alternative to savings accounts. Rather than the standard 0.5% or 1.0% offered by your local bank branch, savvy investors are looking at alternative opportunities that yield around 5% to 15% return per annum, even if it means taking on slightly more...

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