The Best Christmas Decorations for Your Home

There’s no denying it any longer: Christmas is upon us. The air is crisp, the streets are bejewelled with lights, and your house is looking naked by comparison to your neighbour’s. Make this year the year you make your home sing ‘season’s greetings’. Be your taste artful and subtle or bold and garish, here are the best Christmas decorations for your soon-to-be festive home.

The Entrance

Decorations must start at the outset, which is the first entry-point of your home. If your house is walled or gated, string outdoor lights along the perimeter of your fortress. If you have a front-garden, this is your chance to showcase those outdoor Christmas ornaments you thought you never had room for.

Front lawns do not have to be filled with hideous blow-up Santa’s or glittering reindeer; go simple by tying lovely red ribbon around your plant pots, or hang pine-cones and baubles in and amongst your greenery.



The next priority is your doorway. If you are one for the classic wreath, the first thing to consider is your colour scheme. Leafy wreaths with red holly is a traditional Christmas staple; but if you’d like to go for something a little different, check out this beautiful wreath collection by Martha Stewart. Alternatively, attend a wreath-making workshop with friends and family in order to create a truly unique and personalized display.

The Living Room

The living room is a vital source of warmth and coziness throughout the winter period. Your décor in this highly sociable room must provide the much-needed festive comfort that your guests will require. If your sofas are not already garnished with heaps of winter blankets, now is the time to buy them in.

If you, like many of us British types, swear by blankets all year round, then buy a set of Christmas-coloured blankets and cushions purely for the festive period. If you are unwilling to buy a load of blankets that are can only be brought out once a year, avoid overtly Christmassy designs (snowmen, penguins, etc.), and opt for Christmas colours and wintery patterns instead.

This red ‘teddy-bear’ throw by Dunelm is a perfect option for optimum comfort and added-festivity. You can very cheaply buy block-colour cushions that can help maintain your Christmas colour-scheme throughout your living room.


Moving away from the sofas, the fireplace is truly emblematic of Christmas, and was, before central heating, the most important area of the house in the winter. Dress up your fireplace with tinsel and fairy lights for a quick Christmassy-fix. For the more sophisticated of us, ditch tinsel altogether and line your mantelpiece instead with leafy garlands and

The Dining Room

The dining room at the heart of the household, and is the room that Christmas Day centres itself around. Getting the dining table Christmas-ready is an essential part of the seasonal period. Candles are an essential: avoid scented candles on the dinner table as nothing trumps the smell of a gorgeous Christmas dinner. Aside from that, there are virtually no rules when it comes to candles. Scatter the table with intricate tea-lights and place the larger ones near the centre of the table, casting light upon the whole party.


Personalize your table with name-tags in festive colours (red, green, white); and place branches of holly and mistletoe upon any bare surfaces for a naturally-festive feel. When it comes to tablecloths, tartan is a brilliant Christmas classic. Check out this simple red and navy tartan tablecloth by Marks & Spencer, for instance.

The Bedroom

Unless decorating a children’s room, it isn’t usually the ‘done-thing’ to overly decorate the bedroom with seasonal items. After all, your zone of tranquillity may well be your only escape from the world that is Christmas-gone-mad as of December the 1st.

Go subtle and wintry with extra-warm bedding and throws, and bring in some poinsettias for that specifically seasonal touch. If you really want to gesture to the Christmas season through your bedroom décor, consider buying a pretty miniature Christmas tree (real or fake) to mount your chest of drawers.


If you have children, let them decorate their rooms themselves, within reason. Dish out the tinsel and the baubles, and watch them adorn their space to their heart’s content. No matter if it turns out to be one big sparkly mess; it was probably a mess already.

The Garden

The garden is certain to be the least-frequented area of your house during the winter period. That said, you shouldn’t neglect it from your seasonal sprinklings. Design your garden from the perspective of the inside looking out; your guests are bound to peer out of your windows even if they don’t dare to venture outside.

Outdoor fairy lights are a simple and pretty option to brighten-up your lawn. If you want to impress the more beady-eyed among your visitors, hang candy canes on the branches of your plants and trees. They are the perfect shape such that very little arranging effort is required.



Even if seasonal decorating isn’t your forte, there’s no reason not to give this year a go when it comes to dressing-up your house. Making your home that little bit more Christmassy can be as simple as bringing out an extra lot of tea-lights and popping up a string of fairy lights in the living room or porch area. For those who want to live and breathe the Christmas spirit, we have shown you that there is no limit to how far you can go when decorating your home. No matter what your preference may be, have fun decorating with friends and family this year.