A Guide to House Plants

House plants have been proven as things which can boost your mood and they certainly liven up your home, creating a clean and pleasant living environment. It is nice to have other living things, apart from your family of course, present in your home.

Read here for plants that clean air.

In fact, several scientific studies which have been conducted recently have found that having plants present indoors can actually lower blood pressure, reduce levels of stress and have an overall positive impact on a person’s health. So why not kit your home out with house plants to make it a place to do some serious relaxing.

House plants first found mass popularity in the 1970s, and are now making a comeback as a popular home décor accessory. It is now, once again, extremely trendy to find a house plant in almost every room of the house. For the younger generation who are renting, houseplants are an inexpensive way to decorate their flats and apartments. Furthermore, they are a great way to personalise any space and can make you right at home immediately after a move.

But which ones are best suited where? In this guide on Bridging Loans, we will outline which plants best sit where in your home.



The majority of plants release oxygen throughout the daytime. They tend to cease to release this oxygen come nightfall. Therefore, for the bedroom, you are likely to want to have plants that do release oxygen overnight preferably, as plants can act as a natural air purifier.

Plants which are great for decorating a bedroom with are as follows:

  • Gerbera
  • Aloe vera
  • Peace lily
  • Moth orchid
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue
  • Dendrobium orchids

For a small bedroom, consider a Sansevieria. They do not mind having direct or low level of light, very low maintenance and are one of the best air cleaners around.


Pick plants which are perfectly sized for your shelves, nightstands and/or dresser. If you find that your bedroom feels bare, opt for a statement floor length plant pot in a chic container/pot.



For the bathroom, you will likely want plants that do not take up too much room and have a delightful, fresh scent. They also need to be able to live in a humid environment, since hot water is regularly run in the bathroom, of course.

Ferns are a brilliant option for a bathroom as they thrive off humidity and light and bathrooms tend to get steamy and are usually bathed in natural light. Hanging plants or table top greenery like a snake plant placed close to the windowsill are really great options for the bathroom specifically.



The Kitchen can get pretty hot, so you will have to kit it out with plants which can take the heat. Kentia Palm Plants is one of the most popular house plants around and is great for kitchens. They do not like a temperature of lower than 12.7c. This type of plant has wide, feather type palm leaves and look absolutely stunning! The only real maintenance they require is water misting.

In the kitchen, you could also consider plants like basil that you could use in your cooking. Keep these in the direct sunshine for the best results.

Living Room


The living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, it is for ‘living’, after all.  Since this is the case, it is one of the best places for potted plants to sit on the floor. Floor plants serve as a pleasant focal point for any bare space or corners in the room. A trendy option for the living room is a Philodendron, an English Ivy or a Majesty Palm.

If you have some shelving in your living room that you would like to decorate with house plants, it best to go for something which is easy to care for such as a dracaena. You can put it in a container which matches your room aesthetic.